CRACKAMITE is a Non-Explosive Silent Cracking/Demolition Agent
which works by providing silent expansive cracking.

Most effective solution for Rock Breaking, Stone Quarrying,
Mining, Concreate Demolition, Excavations and More...

Customer Testimonials

This motor base was 3' x 3' x 3'. We needed to remove it for new fitments. With a few holes and
, it came apart in a short duration.
- Kowin Conductors
This base is 7'3" on the long sides and 4'7" wide and 10" high. It had 3 mats of #6 rebar with dowels every 12" around the perimeter. Take note of the heaving in the center of the base. Approximately 1½ cases of
were used. The holes were drilled in 12" deep.
- Ahuja Industries
This hospital parking lot ledge, containing reinforced concrete, needed to be removed. No type of noise making or polluting removal methods could be employed.
was the only economical solution possible.
- St. Vincent Hospital
Demolition of Reinforced Concrete Wall Close to pump and pipes. The need for
on this job was due to it being in an area where no pneumatic dust or noise was allowed and it was an area with pumps, the area was not accessible for machines.
- Meiken Industries
Rock Breaking solution. These rocks needed to be removed during a road construction.
was found to be the most economical solution.
- KVG Constructions
Boulder Breaking solution. "Today we worked on an area that required non-explosive boulder removal in the area of the north courtyard. We worked approximately 2.5 hrs. to perform the necessary operations and remove the boulder."
- Nathani Builders
Rock Breaking while Swimming Pool Digging
- Unique Builders
Land Clearing and Rock Breaking solution. These rocks needed to be removed and the land cleared for construction and landscaping work
- Unique Builders
Non-Explosive Controlled Granite Quarrying.
- KGK Mines Pvt. Ltd.
Non-Explosive Controlled Limestone Quarrying in Rajasthan.
is designed for controlled mining and quarrying to avoid waste of valuable stone and to work safer.
- BK Stone Mines
Non-Explosive Controlled Red Sandstone Quarrying in Rajasthan.
- BK Stone Mines
Non-Explosive Controlled Marble Quarrying in Rajasthan.
is designed for this type-controlled mining to avoid waste of this valuable stone. It gives clean slabs without any wastage
- BK Marble Pvt. Ltd.
This is the revolution that the mining, quarrying and demolition industry has been looking for..
- Mr. Peeyush Sharma, SE Builders
Open Mine
The Crackamite result is extremely  good. 
-Surface Engineering Pvt. Ltd.