CRACKAMITE is a Non-Explosive Silent Cracking/Demolition Agent
which works by providing silent expansive cracking.

Most effective solution for Rock Breaking, Stone Quarrying,
Mining, Concreate Demolition, Excavations and More...

What you get from Crackamite

This introductory offer of Crackamite Soundless Cracking Agent entitles you to a no obligation free trial 20 Kg box of Crackamite. Your introductory order should arrive in 2-4 weeks, including the usage manual.

Yes! Please rush my FREE trial sample of Crackamite right away. I understand that I am under no obligations by accepting this free offer and will only bear the cost of shipping.
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Offer Terms & Conditions

  1. Your free introductory package will arrive within 2-4 weeks. The package will be sent as to-pay parcel through your preferred logistics agent, if mentioned, else through our logistics partner. The cost of shipping will be borne by the customer. We are not responsible for loss or returns due to inaccurate information supplied by the customer or due to negligence on part of the logistics agent.
  2. Free trial offers is valid only with one free package per company. Multiple offers for the same company will be considered void. All orders are subject to approval. By agreeing for the trial offer, the customer agrees that the service is governed by the laws applicable at the time.
  3. The customer or the company is under no obligation whatsoever by utilizing or sending the free trial offer.
  4. The company is under no liability whatsoever, financial or otherwise, arising out of the use of the free trial sample. The company offers no guarantees, implied or otherwise, whatsoever regarding the product or its suitability.
  5. Crackamite adheres to a strict privacy policy to protect the confidentiality of our customers. Your personal information will never be sold or shared to any third party. Read our privacy policy for details.