CRACKAMITE is a Non-Explosive Silent Cracking/Demolition Agent
which works by providing silent expansive cracking.

Most effective solution for Rock Breaking, Stone Quarrying,
Mining, Concreate Demolition, Excavations and More...

Types And Packaging Of Crackamite

There are currently 6 grades of Crackamite on the market designed for various temperature ranges of material to be cracked. Since a chemical reaction of Crackamite depends on temperature, use the proper type of Crackamite listed in table below.

Type of Crackamite

Usable temperature

CM - H

35 °C to 45°C

CM - A

25 °C to 35 °C

CM - B

15°C to 25 °C

CM - C

5 °C to 15°C

CM - D

-5 °C to 5 °C

CM - U

For all temperatures

Packing: 5 Kg Crackamite in one plastic bag, 4 bags in one carton, and 50 boxes on one wooden pallet.

Form: Powder and cartridge available.

Reaction Time Control: Special Inhibitor available on request to control reaction time for special applications.

Types chart