CRACKAMITE is a Non-Explosive Silent Cracking/Demolition Agent
which works by providing silent expansive cracking.

Most effective solution for Rock Breaking, Stone Quarrying,
Mining, Concreate Demolition, Excavations and More...

Some Special Benefits For The Mining Industry

  • Production can be significantly increased using Crackamite for mining operations, as there are no safety problems associated with blasting in this case.
  • The dimensions of the block can be easily controlled with Crackamite as there is no waste to deal with.
  • Mining operations can be conducted in a working environment unhampered by flying debris. No cleaning up required.
  • Efforts are concentrated on exploiting the ore or precious stone-bearing reef - a factor that is most important in marginal situations.
  • Crackamite is ideal for the mining of emeralds and other precious and semi-precious stones, as it does not destroy or breaks the  brittle material it only cracks the surrounding stones.
  •  Shelf life of Crackamiteis One year -Two years depending on the storage conditions, i.e. humidity, ambient temperature etc. thus obviating problems associated with out-of-date material, as may be the case with explosives and detonator fuse.
  • Hoisting operations can be minimized when using Crackamite, significantly reducing electricity and maintenance costs.
  • Mines employing only Crackamite do not need to evacuate personnel from the quary before blasting. Labour can therefore be more productively and cost-effectively employed, thus safeguarding jobs and time.
  • No machines / equipments are damaged because of the blasting and resultant flying debris.
  • Crackamite saves industries from becoming SICK units by providing all-round saving, particularly in the areas of labour, winching, electricity maintenance and cleaning.
  • Mine safety is promoted because there is no danger of underground fire caused by explosives or igniter cord. There is no post-blast caused by misfires. Mine safety is further enhanced since the disturbance of the surrounding rock is minimal as there is no concussion or vibration and there are no blasting accidents.
  • Heavily dangerous  areas are mineable utilizing Crackamite due to its inherent capabilities.

Benefits of using Crackamite

  • Eliminates noise, fly rock and vibration potential caused by blasting or heavy mechanical means
  • Increases productivity of mechanical demolition equipment
  • Controls cracking
  • Minimizes risk in high exposure situations such as rock or concrete excavation adjacent to hot rail lines or near sensitive fiber optic cables or controls
  • Works underwater in difficult conditions
  • Saves time in shutdown conditions
  • Eases removal where impact force is limited by specifications
  • Makes removal in confined spaces easier
  • Accelerates removal time once fracturing occurs
  • Requires no licensing or storage security

Crackamite provides the most technically suitable and cost-effective solution in the following situations:

  • Restricted demolition of stone and concrete structures where nearby structures must be protected from vibration generated by explosions.
  • Pre-splitting of stone formations, to create isolated blocks that can then be more easily demolished.
  • Cutting blocks of marble and granite more economically than that of the traditional wire saw method.
  • Excavations and demolition of stone or concrete structures where the use of explosives would be expensive due to long operating times, special transport, storage, handling precautions and the need to comply with public safety regulations.
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