CRACKAMITE is a Non-Explosive Silent Cracking/Demolition Agent
which works by providing silent expansive cracking.

Most effective solution for Rock Breaking, Stone Quarrying,
Mining, Concreate Demolition, Excavations and More...

Factors Affecting The Expansive Stress / Pressure Of Crackamite

  1. The expansive stress can be increased to more than 11,200 T/m2. (Fig. 1 & 3)
  2. The larger the hole diameter is, the greater the expansive stress becomes. (Fig. 2)
  3. There is little change in the expansive stress when the water ratio is in the neighborhood of approximately 30 %. However, the stress is decreased as the water ratio is increased or decreased.

Fig. 1 - Time required for expansive stress to reach 11,200 T/m2 and Temperature

Fig. 2 - The relation between the Expansive Stress and hole diameter.

Fig. 3 Changes in the expansive stress of CM - A

a. The expansive stress developed by Crackamite reach a maximum value at about 24 hours of reaction. However it still keeps increasing slightly even afterwards.
b. The expansive pressure of Crackamite decreases as the water to Crackamite powder ratio increases. The optimum ratio is 0.30.
c. The expansive capabilities of Crackamite increases with increase in ambient operating temperature upto the maximum operating temperature.
d. The expansive power of Crackamite decreases with increase in the diameter of pre-drilled hole above the optimal value.